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Sales & Services


Sales as a Service provides organizations with a dedicated sales force, staffed with highly experienced sales professionals who focus solely on sales. These sales reps fully learn the client’s brand and products so that they are qualified enough to act as a true representative of the client’s company.


A service is a support provided to a customer, after buying goods or services. A service can, however, take place before or while the sale is ongoing, so as to increase customer satisfaction. It aims at preventing customer challenges with a product, guiding implementation, assisting in up sells, creating a bond with the product, and basically answering detailed questions.

For instance, when a person buys Pipes & Fittings, the customer service representatives provides a guarantee to ensure the Pipes & Fittings has no defects when being used up to a certain period of time. If any defects were noted within the course of the period, then they would replace the Pipes &Fittings with a non-defective one.